"Grow in Grace"

Our dance studio is a place to Grow in Grace. One of our thoughtful families made us a sign with this simple phrase, and we quickly realized that it encompasses what we do at GC. Our mission pushes us to create an environment for positive growth. The foundation of this growth is building skill and mastery in dance, but many talented people do not display grace. Grace requires both dancing in unison and kindness in all endeavors. Our goal is that our dancers learn to be graceful in dance and in life. This means that we create an encouraging environment where dancers work together and help each other. We believe in building a kind community where we all work together to exude grace. We are committed to displaying grace in all that we do, and we hope to see our dancers Grow in Grace year after year. 

Thank you for voting us Best in Ponte Vedra and the Beaches for 2019!

What makes Grace different?

Ages 2-5

Our Youth Classes are geared towards keeping the attention of our young dancers. They will learn dance basics, gross motor skills, listening and graceful movement. You will be surprised at how much they can master!

Ages 6-12

Our Intermediate Classes are designed to refine the technique of our dancers. They will learn increasingly challenging choreography and work as a team. They will gain a mastery of dance and grow in grace.

Ages 12 & Up

Our Advanced Classes are designed to challenge and grow our dancers. They will receive professional-level instruction and choreography. These students will work to master complex routines and display advanced technique.

We are so proud of our dancers!

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